Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to School… For Robert

Robert, my husband, announced a few months ago that he wanted to go back to school.  We had known we both wanted to go back but we weren’t planning on doing it in the next 6 months.  Robert had been teaching himself to program apps (yes I know I married a freaking computer nerd and smarty pants J ) and finally came to the point where he couldn’t learn anymore except by going back to school.  My husband got his degree in Automation and Robotics Technology and programs waste water treatment plants.  He programs every day for his job, but this is different.  With his new degree he will be able to add to his company and be able to provide things to clients that other companies can’t. 

He started looking into schools.  Online was the best choice considering our family, but they were so expensive!  So he started looking into his old school which is about 30 minutes away, without traffic.  It was doable but would be hard on the kids and myself with him being gone so much.  He is still going to work his full time job.  I of course supported him, despite knowing how hard it would be for me.  He doesn’t often ask for things (seriously) and so I knew it was something he really, really wanted for himself, his career, and ultimately our family.  So he reapplied and started things going with getting back into school and figuring out classes.  

A week or so went by and I was talking to my (amazing!) neighbor and mentioned him going back to school.  She got excited and said he really needed to check out an online school she was going to start soon as well.  She told me it was actually affordable and it was a good school.  So I told Robert and he checked it out.  Needless to say he came home, told me it was amazing, about the same cost of his old school and he could do EVERYTHING online.  I almost started crying.  It was such a blessing.  Our neighbor is really wonderful and I am so thankful that she lives across the street from me!

Anyways, Robert got everything going and found out they’d accept most of his credits from his old school (his old school would only accept a few- dumb yes) and so he will be done sooner than later!  Also one of the best things about the school is that you go at your own pace.  The semesters are 6 months long and you have to complete 12 credit hours but you can do as many as you want.  Again, another blessing.

So Robert officially starts today.  He has been doing orientation online and started a class last night.  I am glad that he is so excited about it.  But I am going to miss him.  He will be doing school after the kids go to bed so I will have to find something to do besides talking to him!  I love that time we have together.  It is so fun to just sit there and talk to him about everything.  And laugh. J  

I am grateful for the opportunity that he has to go back to school and so grateful that he doesn’t have to compromise work to do it.  And it won’t be so bad.  I’ll have more me time I guess… and we’ll cherish the time we have together more too.  J
Robert when he graduated a few years ago... our son in the corner 

If you want to check out the school he’s going to visit

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