Monday, February 20, 2012

Since school was out today I wanted to do something a little special with the kids.  My son only goes to school 3 times a week but it still feels like a 'break' from school when he's out even for just one day!  Weird I know.  

We started off by dropping off some muffins at Robert's work and then running over to Ikea and getting a duvet set... which my husband informed me he really doesn't like.  Well at least I like it right? :-) 

Then we went out to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe with my mother in law, step father in law, and brothers and sister in law.  My brother in laws are so sweet with my kids.  They got them food and helped them eat.  Really so sweet.  We were going to go see a movie but it sold out :-(  So the kids and I went over to my parents house.  

My dad absolutely adores my daughter.  I think he would watch her all the time if he could.  I mean take her to work with him, everything.  If I know I'm coming down to Provo I will tell my dad and he will come home early from work (if he doesn't have to teach and he still works from home while she's there).  If I don't tell him and he finds out I get in trouble :-).  It is really so sweet.  Especially since my daughter loves him so much too.  She will go to him over everyone.  

He came home and my daughter immediately ran to him and said, "Virus!"  My dad studies viruses and likes showing my daughter pictures of them.  She loves it (of course).  She kept repeating it while we were all laughing because she wanted to see the pictures so badly!  And the best part about it is, she points out the pictures of the viruses!  It's not just some big ball to her.  They looked at pictures for a while and then she started drawing her own viruses.  It was really sweet.  

My dad seemed to be excited that she was learning so much and decided to teach her how to do the United States puzzle.  When I was her age he taught me all the names of the states and where they went on the puzzle.  You know the real ones where the shapes of the states are all cut out.  It was so cute to hear her say the names of the states.  Apparently they had an argument over South Carolina though because my daughter said it was a slice of pizza not South Carolina.  (It is shaped like a triangle and we just had pizza for lunch).  :-)  

I love watching my dad with my daughter.  I wonder sometimes if it was how my dad was with me.  I think it must be really similar.  I know for my husband, our son and daughter mean the world to him.  Watching them read, play, and laugh together is one of my favorite things to do.  It is so sweet.  So beautiful.  Same with my dad.  

I am so grateful that I have such love in my life.  And that my completely worn out children are now finally, after much screaming and crying, asleep.  :-) 

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