Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some Pictures

Some of these pictures are really old... and I apologize for the quality... these are from my phone :-)

I caught my son checking himself out in the mirror... and making he's about 2

Gotta love playtime with Uncle Joel... and fair warning... if you teach my son to squirt water/blow straw wrappers/throw something at someone... he WILL remember it... and do it to you! 

Fishing with Daddy

Our daughter was only a couple months old here... I love the looks they are giving each other! Pure love... 

He wouldn't stop making that face for weeks!  But love how much they love each other!


Yep... love :-)

We walked home from preschool one day and he insisted I take pictures of him all the way home... so of course I did!

Do I really need to say anything?  haha!

She actually was flat on the ground... but moved too fast! She was going to get the ball!  No matter what! 

I love it when they smile!

And just so you know we actually exist... Harry Potter 7 Part 2 date night!

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