Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Update on My Daughter

Long story short:  My daughter is fine!

She has a murmur but it should go away in a couple years.  If not, we'll go back.  No big deal.  I'm not worried. :-)

She also has a big heart for her age, but not enlarged.  Kind of like being at the top percentile of her heart size without it being too big for something to be wrong.  Just like how some kids are taller than others but it's nothing to worry about.  

We went to the pediatric cardiologist today and did another EKG and an ultrasound.  My daughter didn't even have to be put out!!!  But then again they weren't doing what they had told me they'd probably do in the first place, but either way I'm happy.  She got to watch "Tangled" during the 30 minute ultrasound and WAS SO GOOD!  She sat there so still the whole time!  I am so proud of her!  It was really neat to see her heart.  You could see everything!  The valves, chambers, and even some of the blood flow.  It was really quite interesting.  

It was such a weird feeling being so worried and literally one little thing happening to being completely relieved.  Not complaining... it's just a very strange feeling.  It's like when you have a baby and leave the baby with Grandma for the first time.  You feel like you are supposed to have someone/something with you.  In this case a huge burden was taken off my shoulders.  :-)

I feel a little dumb being so worried and worked up but I was going off of everything the doctors told me.  I was going off of their medical opinions.  They gave me their best opinions and honestly I want them to be safe rather than sorry.  I'd rather go through all these tests and find out everything is okay than to not go through them at all because a doctor was only a little concerned but didn't want to trouble me.  There are too many doctors that cater to what a parent wants rather than what a child needs.  We did what we needed to do for my daughter and that is the important thing.  

The view from the room at the cardiologist... neat isn't it?

We went to Jamba Juice after :-)  She loves "fruit ice cream". 

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