Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Sweet Little Baby

A couple weeks ago we welcomed our third child (still cannot believe it!) into the world.

She came 12 days early.  I do think I was a little further along though, since my due date was a little uncertain.  We named her after my Grandma Belnap's side of the family.  I love my grandmother so much and she is such an inspiration to me and Robert.

She had some breathing problems in the beginning and so she was sent to the NICU.  She got a little sick.  They then put her on an antibiotic which she had to take through an IV for seven days.  I ended up getting a fever as well and was put on antibiotics too.  They believe I got sick right before I had her, but didn't know it yet.  I ended up staying in the hospital for a couple extra days.  And so did the baby.  I ended up going home three days before she did.  That was really hard.  It was so hard to have to leave the hospital with her still there.  She was in the NICU the whole time, and wasn't allowed to come in my room.  I was allowed to visit her all I wanted, but it was still hard because our other two children could only see her a couple times and other visitors had to go with Robert or me.  Since she was early, we didn't have a lot of things ready for when she came home, so at least we were able to get that done before she came home.  It was still hard, but thankfully the kids understood and our baby was safe.  I am so grateful for the doctors at the University of Utah Hospital.  It means everything when you have doctors and nurses that you can trust and feel very comfortable with!

Oh and yes we do now have a red head child, blonde child, and brown haired child.  :-)

Here are a bunch of pictures of our little sweetheart and our family:

In the NICU at first...the IV's stay better when in a baby's scalp... but so sad! 

The traditional newborn hair do by Daddy :-)

She lost some hair when the scalp IV's came out :-( 

LOVE the baby's expression!

They are all such good helpers! 

Newest family picture!

My Dad

She kept smiling and I tried for about 10 minutes to get a good shot!  But this is all I got! Still cute :-)

No more IV's!!!

Doing her car seat test... they had to make sure she'd be ok driving home... standard NICU "baby's being discharged" test

Getting her heart and oxygen sensors off!

All ready to go home!

He thought she needed a hat :-) 

Robert had to hold them still... they were so excited to go Seven Peaks!

So beautiful!


  1. Your family is darling. Congrats on your new baby! She is so beautiful!

  2. She is absolutely and incredibly adorable. I can't believe you are lucky enough to have a redhead, blonde and now a brunette!! I will see you this week :)